Tracking features

24x7 tracking of any public web page

Track any public web page for content changes - no RSS or Atom feeds required

Multiple content engines with advanced features to deal with frames & iframes

High speed 5-minute tracking

High speed 5-minute tracking

100% cloud-based solution

No need for downloads, browser plugins or RRS/Atom readers. Access securely from any device, 24x7.

Multi-region, global tracking network

A powerful and unique feature - you can track web pages as though you were visting them from different geographic regions around the world.

Currently: USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia & India

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"Browser mode" content retrieval

The innovative "Browser Mode" feature uses our own network of selenium web-driver servers to fetch web content from "headless" server-installed browsers.

This powerful feature enables reliable tracking of web page content loaded "dynamically" with javascript & ajax. "Browser Mode" will even allow trackers to fetch web content protected by proxy-based security infrastructures.

PDF text tracking

OnWebChange can detect text changes within PDF documents. This can be a great way to track changes to terms & conditions documents, product catalogs or price lists etc.

You can also use OnWebChange as a useful way to extract plain text from PDF documents.

Track practically any online file

Web pages, PDF documents, plain text files, images, graphics and binary files

Web pages and xml can even be treated as plain text

Intelligent warning system

Intelligent warning system - informs you when page stucture has changed or is no longer available

Get past login pages with Custom Headers

OnWebChange allows each tracker to have it's own custom header data that is used when tracking its target web page.

This feature can be used to store cookie information generated after a login, so that OnWebChange can track content protected by a login process.

Content selection

"Point and click" CSS content selection

"Point and click" CSS content selection

Track multiple parts of a webpage

Numeric content conversion

'CSS Selectors'

Historic change storage/reporting

Keep a record of all historic tracker content as it changes over-time.

Retrieve past tracker content.

Multi-language support

Multi-language support - track pages in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek...

Notification and change detection features

Get notified

Direct email

Pushover - An awesome notification service for mobile devices (iPhone and Android)

Email distribution list (a list of additional email address to receive tracker notifications)

URL "CallBacks" (to support asynchrous, event-driven, 3rd party applications)

Gather your notifications together or receive individual emails (great for GMail users)

Notification rules

Only receive notifications of particular content changes

Only get the notifications you want

Change/Diff reports

'Change Report' with visually highlighted content changes (additions, deletions and differences)

Holiday mode

Use the 'Holiday Mode' to pause all trackers and avoid filling up your inbox while you're away

Tracker management

Accessing, sharing and viewing your tracker data

Produce graphs and charts of historic tracker data (eg: temperature change over last 24 hours)

Export trackers and manage them externally in Excel (or any CSV/text editor)

Create, update and even delete multiple trackers with the flexible CSV Tracker Importer

Bulk import & export tool

Import large lists of URLs to be tracked in a single CSV (excel/calc) file.

Export your trackers and manage them externally as a CSV (excel/calc) file.

The bulk importer lets you create, update and even delete multiple trackers with a simple import process.

Pause and Resume individual trackers

Track what you need, when you need it - with OnWebChange you can pause and resume trackers as and when you need them.

Tracker groups & labels

Organize your trackers into groups then filter & order by groups, labels, creation date and more

Tracker RSS feed

RSS Feeds: OnWebChange generates your own RSS tracker feed for use with other devices like mobile phones

Publishing your trackers

Add a "Track this page" button to your website and send notifications to your customers/site visitors

Publish your trackers to the Tracker Library

Public Change Report (like this one) to easily share data with colleages or friends

Tracker 'Content URL', for example: OnWebChange blog (latest post title)

Allow public subscribers to your trackers


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