Terms and Conditions

1. Lets all be nice to each other.

2. OnWebChange is written as a service to help people and its intentions are fundamentally 'good'. Anybody using the system whose intentions are clearly evil, or at least anything other than harmless can expect to receive a strongly worded email!

3. If you are a paying customer and you are not in anyway satisfied with the service provided, please use the Support Contact Form or write an email to 'info@onwebchange.com'. Our general policy is refund all money paid (if the problem can not otherwise resolved).

4. If you wish to cancel your paid account, simply login into your own PayPal account and cancel the subscription. PayPal will inform OnWebChange and we can downgrade the account to a free account. As a gesture of good will, we give a one month 'grace' period of full service after any subscription cancellation is received.