About Us

OnWebChange started with the simple aim of reducing the amount of irrelevant and uninteresting information that regularly bombards Internet users and replacing it with less, but highly relevant notifications.

The Internet is an immense database full of many, many millions of web pages, many of which change regularly. OnWebChange aims to provide the tools to allow people to exact just those parts of the Internet that are relevant to themselves.

The OnWebChange project was started in 2009 by Tom Carnell, a British product developer currently based in Madrid. Since then, OnWebChange has grown into possibly the most sophisticated web page tracking system available on the Internet today. OnWebChange currently has tens of thousands users world-wide, tracking many, many tens of thousands of web pages every minute, every day.

OnWebChange is part of the API House product family. API House is dedicated to building high-quality, useful and simple to use web apps designed for people, businesses and developers.

Portrait photo of Tom Carnell

Tom Carnell - tech founder, CTO, engineer & developer