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What is OnWebChange?

OnWebChange is a revolutionary way to track changes to any public web page.

Simply choose a web page you wish to track and whenever the content changes, you'll be notified.

OnWebChange allows you to select specific parts, even multiple parts of a web page.

Why use OnWebChange?

The great thing about OnWebChange is that it allows you to track the exact information that is important to you.

In addition, OnWebChange will typically track changes in web page content much faster than other systems, allowing you to stay ahead of the game...

How will OnWebChange notify me?

When a web page change is detected, OnWebChange can notify you by email, directy to your mobile phone (using Pushover mobile notifications) and with a URL 'callback'. You can even notify additional notification email addresses for work colleagues, friends and family.


  • Track changes to any public web page.

  • Track specific parts of a web page.

  • Track changes to online files (PDF's and images etc) and to any plain text files.

  • Check every 5 minutes, 24x7, 365 days a year...

  • 100% online: No need for RSS readers, downloads or browser plugins.

  • Get notified within minutes of a web page change.

  • Get notified by email, direct to your mobile (with Pushover mobile notifications) and even URL 'callbacks'.

  • Advanced content filters: Only get the notifications you want.

  • Share your notifications with friends, family and customers.

  • Add a 'Track this page' widget to your websites to keep readers and customers updated.

  • Choose from FREE, SOLO or PREMIUM accounts to fit your needs.

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Use cases

Price tracking

Track online product prices and get notified when the latest mobile phone drops in price.

Competitive advantage

Keep an eye on your competition by tracking their prices, services, press releases and even T&Cs.

Special offers

Track "special offer" pages and get notified before anyone else.

Government/official publications

Get notified when changes to legislation, policy or guidelines are published.

Job vacancies

Track job vacancies of your favourite companies and get notified before the crowd...

News & press releases

Track news publications and filter for keywords. Get notified when your business is mentioned.

Downloads and versions

Track software, app and document versions/releases. Get notified as soon as the latest release is available.

Weather conditions

Track the weather, get notified if UV or pollen levels get too high.

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Wanna see how easy it is?

A short video showing how to create a tracker to notify you when an Amazon product price changes

OnWebChange - Tracking Amazon product prices (open in new window)

Price plans


Start here, try OnWebChange and if you need more you can upgrade.

Totally free forever.



A comprehensive set of advanced page tracking features.

1.20 € monthly

12.00 € yearly (save 2.40 €)


All features, high volume and bulk tracker import and export tools.

3.50 € monthly

36.00 € yearly (save 2.40 €)

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