Tracker regions

OnWebChange has a powerful and unique feature - you can track web pages as though you were visting them from different geographic regions around the world.

After a big refactor of the OnWebChange architecture, I have now created deployable "content retrieval agents" than can be deployed to servers around the world.

Currently three geographic regions are supported: United Kingdom, Germany and the United States, although more will certainly come (maybe India,Tokyo,Singapore, Canada).

Why are tracker regions useful?

1. The same web page viewed from different countries can vary in content and layout, so with "content retrieval agents" deployed in your region, there is a better chance than OnWebChange can track exactly what you are seeing.

2. It can be technically quite difficult to view content as though your were in a different country, so OnWebChange gives you the power to access and track content you might not easily be able to access.

3. You might even use this feature to check that your own company/product page is correctly tailored to visitors from different countries.

How do I use tracker regions?

VERY EASILY! - When you create a new tracker, simply choose the desired region from the list.

In addition, you can set your default region in "My Account", under the "Tracking" tab.

You can also change the region of all of your trackers in the "Tracking" tab by choosing the "Set all trackers to selected region" option.