Discontinued Price Plans

(Current Pricing Plans)

These price plans are no longer available to new customers but are still supported for customers with existing account of these types.

Plans and Prices
Price plan "Solo" "Premium"
Price per Month 1.20 € 3.50 €
Annual Price 12.00 €
(save 2.40 €)
36.00 €
(save 6.00 €)
Tracking Features
Advanced CSS-based web page content selection
PDF file content tracking
Simple 'plain text' tracking
File change tracking
Rules, Filters and Number conversions
Tracking Performance
Maximum number of trackers (?) Unlimited Unlimited
Checks per month** (?) 10,000 30,000
Fastest check interval 30 Minutes 30 Minutes
Web page comparison size limit (?) 3 MB 3 MB
PDF/File/Document comparison size limit (?) 3 MB 3 MB
Notification and Reporting Features
Email, Pushover* and callback notifications
Tracker RSS Feed
Highlighted difference report
Tracker History, Statistics & Reports
Additional notification email addresses (per tracker) 5 1000
Tracker Management
Tracker Groups (?)
Tracker Import Tool (?)
Tracker Exporter (?)
Sharing and Publishing
Publish trackers to the Tracker Library
Tracker web page widget
(allow visitors to track your websites for free)
Max subscribers per tracker 5 Unlimited
Customer Support
Email customer support

* Pushover is a 3rd party mobile notification service for Android and iOS devices. For more information, see the Pushover website.

** For more information about 'Checks per month', have a look at the What are 'Checks Per Month'? documentation page.