What are 'Checks Per Month'?

In the pricing page, we talk about a number of 'Checks per month' and offer differing amounts to different account types.

'Checks per month' should not be confused with the amount of trackers you can create.

The number of 'Checks per month' allocated to an account is the maximum number of times your account can check for web page changes each month. However, they do not work like 'credits' in the sense that you can run out half-way through the month, but more like a monthly 'rate' of usage. So you can use less 'Checks per month' than your allocation, but at no point can you use more.

Examples of 'Checks per month' use for different account types:

Maximum 'Checks per month' Example #1 Example #2
30 (FREE account) 1 Tracker, once per day 3 Trackers (2x weekly, 1x every 48hrs)
10,000 (SOLO account) 6 Trackers, every 30 minutes 333 Trackers, once per day
30,000 (PREMIUM account) 3 Trackers, every 5 minutes 1000 Trackers, once per day