Use Cases

Below are just a few use cases of how OnWebChange can be used by both Businesses and Individuals to ahead of the game. Really these use cases are just "food for thought", in reality OnWebChange can be applied to a vast range of uses.

Business Use Cases:

Get notified when...

  • Your competitors change their products, prices or services - by tracking your competitors websites
  • A news story is published about your business - by tracking key online publications/news aggregators and setting 'content filters' to monitor keywords and phrases pertinent to your organisation
  • The government publishes the latest health and safety, or tax legislation - by tracking official govenement/taxation websites
  • The US dollar is equivalent to the euro - by tracking conversion rate in financial website and setting a 'content filter' to notify you when the rate reaches a certain value
  • That share price hits a critical value - by tracking share prices found on stock market websites and setting a 'content filter' for the share value

Use Cases for You:

Get notified when...

  • That niche job opportunity pops up - track job vacancy web pages
  • A new answer is posted to a forum question - track public forums for new or updated content.
  • A new dilbert cartoon is available - track the 'published date' of your favourite web comic.
  • A particular item is up for auction on eBay - track the eBay search results page.
  • That new television drops in price - track product prices on online shops.
  • That new software version is available - track version numbers from software download web pages.
  • A wikipedia page is edited or updated - track page content or revision dates.
  • It's going to snow at the weekend - track weather forecast web pages and set a 'Content Rule' for the word "snow".

For more information on how you can use OnWebChange to help automate your life or business, please email us at