How OnWebChange Works

  1. Find a web page that contains information you wish to track or monitor.
  2. Login to OnWebChange and create a 'tracker' for that web page.
  3. Choose how to be notified and how often to check the page (amongst other things)
  4. We will monitor that web page for changes (as often as every 5 minutes) and keep you updated...

enter the web page to track, select the part of the page and choose the tracker frequency.

Simple, powerful and very useful

OnWebChange is intelligent enough to look for numbers and keywords so you can test for useful cases like when a stock price is less than a certain amount, or a date is within 1 months time or a news headline contains the word "Obama".

For more advanced users there's even a callback with configurable login variables so you can automatically adjust your own website content or make any other type of call.

...but this is how it really works :-)