Tracker run time schedules

OnWebChange lets you set individual hour-based run schedules for your trackers. This means you don't waste your "checks per month" quota looking for changes at times of the day when content is not expected to change.

In addition, you can define your "default" tracker run time schedule in the "Tracking" section of your Account, to be used for all new trackers. And you can also apply this default schedule to all of your trackers if you wish.

To use this feature:

  1. Load the Tracker Editor (for new or existing trackers)
  2. Under the "Frequency and scheduling" section, click the "Enable scheduled runtime" option.
  3. The "Scheduled run hours" field should now appear
  4. Enter a list of hours when you wish this tracker to run
  5. Click save

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: The list of run hours must be a particular format: hours must be 2 digits, with leading zero if needed, eg: 00-23; lists of hours must be separated by a "," (comma).

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Hourly times are based in the "Europe/Berlin (CET, +0100)" timezone, so you will have to calculate any local timezone offset yourself.