PayPal and Suspended Subscriptions

Why does PayPal suspended your OnWebChange subscription?

Some users have experienced difficulties with their OnWebChange paid account because PayPal have suspended their subscription. We have contacted PayPal on a number of occassions and we have been assured that the only possible way an active subscription is suspended is due to an excess of failed payment attempts - typically 3 attempts.

There seem to be 3 common reasons why a payment might fail:

  1. Lack of funds in the PayPal account.
  2. The payment was blocked by the Card Issuer (bank) associated with the PayPal account (credit card).
  3. The credit card linked to the PayPal account has expired.

What should you do if your PayPal subscription is suspended?

You have two choices

  1. If you wish to continue with your OnWebChange subscription, login to PayPal, find and rectify the problem and re-activate the subscription.
  2. If you do NOT wish to re-activate the subscription, this is fine. No action is required. Eventually your OnWebChange account will be downgraded and deleted.