Common tracker and notification problems and solutions

Not receiving tracker change notifications

This is the most common problem people have and there are a number of possible solutions/causes:

  • Check your email 'spam' folder. Notification emails are sometimes treated as 'spam' and do not show up in your 'Inbox' email folder.
  • Check that the tracker has not been automatically placed in a 'suspended' state, which can happen if the web page structure changes, is no longer available, or web site performance is poor.
  • Check the tracker is correctly configured - login to OnWebChange, edit the tracker and click the 'Test' button in the 'Content' tab to confirm the content is as expected.

If you have tried the above and notification emails do not start to come through, please get in touch.

I can not track the content with OnWebChange

  • OnWebChange can not track 'private/secured' web pages - these are web pages that require a login process for access (EG: Facebook pages).
  • Some web sites serve different web pages depending on a users physical location. For this reason it is possible that the content that you can see differs to the content that OnWebChange sees.
  • Creating trackers can sometimes require some understanding of the underlying page structure to be able to generate a good 'css selector' for the content.

Notification emails are not correctly formatted

Some users have complained that although they receive the OnWebChange notification emails, they are incorrectly formatted and difficult or impossible to read.

  • One recent discovery is that there is an issue with the way some email systems retrieve emails from POP3 mail systems. If this is the case for you, try using your Google email address directly as your OnWebChange notification address and do not use your 'alias' email address.